Before starting their last ascent, the salmons gather in pods in front of the ice-cold mouth rivers of Alaska. There's a precise and right moment to fish them, when they haven't already started to get thinner and the meat starts to become the classical pinky color. Then the fish boats get close to the fishes and capture beautiful salmons till 20kg of weight. Everything happens under the rigorous authorities control that limit time and quantity to preserve an  extraordinary ecosystem to the one also eagles and bears belong. The captured salmons are immediately cleaned and washed with sea water, then they are brought -20° and start the travel towards Italy. Foodlab selects fishing boats more careful to fishing time, to treatment procedures, to fastness and accuracy of the refrigeration. It is only with the best salmons that smoked wild salmon filets can be made, filets able to spread strong and equilibrated aromas, rich and tempting taste.
Wild salmons are fished under the rigorous authorities control to preserve an environment where also bears and eagles live.
Best salmons are fished in the mouth rivers before they start their ascent.
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