Scotland and Norway
The great tradition of the Scottish farms produce salmon with a great quality along all the year.
The best Norwegian salmon fish breedings follow the same processes: clean and clear sea, equilibrated feed, continuous control of the animals' health, precise and fast fishing and processes.
The differences between the productions of the countries are minimal and consist only in the different temperature of the waters: as a matter of fact in Norway there are salmons with a higher percentage of fat than the ones of Scotland. Ghilardotti Brothers work in continuous contact with brokers that keep constantly under control the work of the salmon farmers and select from these fish breedings the best products.
Salmon fish breedings are located in areas with clear sea and with a carefully focused nutrition.
The coldest waters of Norway bring salmons with a higher percentage of fats.
Foodlab is one of the few companies to propose biological farmed salmons in the north of Scotland.
Rich of Omega3, vitamins and minerals, the salmon is an excellent food.
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