Fumara, the salmon named after the fog

We named our range for large-scale distribution Fumara, after the word that defines fog in Parmesan dialect, fumära.

A name that has within it the production area, the right bank of the Po and Parma, a Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy: like Culatello, ‘il Fumara’ is the fruit of a knowledge and land that make it unique.

But in this same term there is also the trait of a smoking process that is different from all the others, a fusion of past and present by patron and chef Gianpaolo Ghilardotti, who, after an experience alongside the Michelin-starred Georges Blanc, built a special oven to obtain a smoking process that is Italian, elegant and rounder than the traditional Nordic method. A smoking that is reminiscent of the Po fog.

Fumara is therefore a hymn to our origins and at the same time the synthesis of our work: inside are experience, passion, an intense path of experimentation and every phase of the Foodlab method.

The Fumara collection includes Norwegian, Scottish, Red King and Wild Sockeye salmon smoked, natural, flavoured, and a steamed line also declined for Swordfish, Tuna and Cod.