Foodlab’s Social interests

The Foodlab F.lli Ghilardotti Fund set up at Munus Fondazione di Comunità di Parma, stems from the promoters’ desire to collect financial resources to donate to institutions, bodies, associations and non-profit realities, for the support of social, humanitarian or health projects

These are the two initiatives supported by the
Foodlab F.lli Ghilardotti fund:

Education Project

The Parma per gli Altri ODV association has been working in the Hadiya district (SNNPR, Ethiopia) for over 20 years. This rural area, located in southern Ethiopia, is characterised by a shortage of services and economic resources, along with geographical and cultural isolation.

In the district there are five school complexes (Shellala, Hogaro, Gortha, Maldo and Horde) covering grades 1 to 11. Altogether they are attended by approximately 5,400 students. The school in Hogaro, specifically, consists of 15 classrooms, 6 of which are newly established, accommodating a total of 600 students. The fund financed the reactivation of a well and the restoration of all classrooms in the complex.

School Canteens Project

Through the international cooperation association Mani: in the rural villages of Senegal, the school is the centre of aggregation and community development.

The canteens not only meet the objective of food security for children and young people in poverty, but also support the right to education as a factor in community development. They are also a system of attraction for families, an alternative to Koranic schools that only teach literacy in Arabic, thus limiting understanding of the world. The establishment of school canteens therefore proves to be strategic, not only to achieve the objective of food security, but also to guarantee the right to study: the Foodlab F.lli Ghilardotti Fund has also dealt with this.